Problem with order.

Within the past hour I decided to purchase the Clubsport v3 pedals. I purchased these pedals using paypal as my payment method. However, after submitting the payment on paypal I was redirected back to the fanatec website and got a message saying the page doesnt exist. I looked in my shopping cart and it is still showing the petals in the cart. I thought maybe the order didnt go through but I received an email from paypal saying the money has been sent to Fanatec. So I paid for the pedals but even when I go under the My Order tab in my account, it is saying I have no orders placed. Anyone have this issue or know whats going on??


  • like i wrote in fb.

    sent an emai to fanatec webshop thought the support page of your accounr and include what you have ordeted and the psyment through paypal... Most probably the will reply in 2-3 bussiness days.

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