Fanatec mode change should have a delay.


I recommend the mode change button combination with the Xbox/PC/CSW Compatibility should have a couple of seconds delay on both button presses. There is a delay on changes between the modes, after you first change the mode, but there is no delay on the first change.

The problem with the current "no delay" mode swap is that it is possible to accidentally swap steering wheel mode during the race, if you lets say press overtake button (Y) on F1 and then simultaneously change something from MFD with select button. The steering wheel will swap from Xbox mode to PC mode instant and Xbox loses connection to wheel. And its even more bad, because Xbox wont connect back when you turn back the Xbox mode, you also need to unplug wheels USB, put it back and then reconnect the wheel in game.

This could easily be fixed with mode change delay. Now i cant use toggle overtake on Y, i need to map it to another button, but still, if i press y and select, it changes mode.

Sorry, i just realized i posted this in wrong category!

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