Weak csl elite load cell


have tried everything I can think of settings wise, but i,m having to brake before the 100m markers on f1 2019 when I used to brake after the markers when i used t3pa pedals, on som races i,m having to brake at 150m..

i,ve tried damper settings, saturation and brake force on my wheel, and it all shows normal on the driver software but its not correct in game,, Any info grateful..




  • Psql DPsql D Member

    Put more force on the braking pedal or increase the brake saturation in F1 2019. Verify in the game menu if you are even able to get 100% travel.

    You are probably only braking for 50%.

  • They are load cell I put massive pressure on them, as they are connected to a seating rig, and have tried at all saturation levels. And i can get 100% quite comfortably in game settings and on fanatec software.


  • A bit late to the party with this, Do the t3pa pedals act like a switch? ie are they either on or off?

    The fanatec act like a real brae pedal so as you are pressing the brake and still carrying momentum before you hit the 100% brake position.

    My thinking is with the original pedals you hit 100% instantly.

    if that makes sense

    Just my take on what could be happening

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