CS GT3 wheel, when?

The Mclaren GT3 V2 CSL looks nice, but sounds like it's just a little flexy and plastic, even with the CS QR.

The BMW M4 GT3 podium wheel is going to be ~5,000 from the rumors. Which is cool to compete with an FIA sticker and be that high end.

But I want to spend <$1000 for something that is better than the maca wheel and less than the BMW wheel. Seems like a perfect spot for a new CS wheel, only question is when?

You can tell us right? Promise we won't leak the date.


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    The BMW M4 GT3 is BELOW 5000, not around 5000!

    So in theory also can be 99 Cents.

  • Sure but you don't mention a price that high unless you're going to be in the ballpark.

    Is it $3500? Seems like it's almost assuredly more than $2000

  • You shouldn't look at that steering wheel if you don't own a BMW M4 GT3 car ;) alone the GT3 motorsport certificates gonna push the price into a 4 digit number.

    It's definitely not intended for the mass market, that being said, it's very likely they gonna release a sim only version - Clubsport/ Podium.

    If you take a look at the prices from other manufacturers with similar amount of LED buttons and all that fancy stuff, you still can expect a 4 digit number.

    My hope is a Clubsport version with maybe less expensive buttons/switches for a pricetag like the current Formula V2 wheels:

    and a Podium version for the enthusiasts.

    At the end we have to wait, Fanatec remains quiet, tried already to get some informations, but there is an NDA in the way I guess ;)

  • Check it without the bottom part, looks way better to me, don't know if they just added for better driving.

  • The BMW M4 GT3 Steering wheel is heavily inspired by the Porsche GT3 R:

    The bottom part could be there for different reasons, maybe better sense of balance, better stability....

    or to make it easier removable:

  • I heard that it's preferred by drivers for when they need to over rotate the wheel in hairpin situations.

  • aah ok, that makes sense, thank you for the information :)

  • I have the DD1 with the Mclaren GT3 V1 CSL and even at 100% FFB I have never felt any flex , I'm about to buy the V2 as I like the wheel so much.

  • Ok functional speaking its better then, in the looks department is better without don't you guys think? today I was watching a Tesla X and S I don't know why haha but new 2021 refresh car has the driving wheel like the BMW without the top part have you guys seen it?

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