Podium Hub and Advanced Paddle Module - PS4/5


I have a problem where in all games, my F1 V2 wheel secondary paddles are fully recognized and work properly, but the secondary paddles on my 911 Podium wheel setup are not. This is on PS5 on any game. They operate properly in the PC based driver software - I get a blue dot when I pull either paddle, but when it comes time to assign in game with the 911 Podium wheel, I get no response. Switch to the F1 V2 wheel and it works, so it's possible for this to work on PS5, just refuses to with the other wheel.

The hardware I have is the following:

Podium F1 PS4 w/ F1 V2 wheel

911 Podium Wheel (Podium Hub, Button Module Endurance, Podium Advanced Paddle Module)

Handbrake v1.5

Shifter SQ V1.5

V3 Pedals

This has been persistent across the driver/firmware install from the factory, 381, and now 400 beta. Each component has been fully updated.

Any help is much appreciated!


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