Updating Firmware on CSW Universal Hub when attached to Endurance Button module?


Is it possible, or even necessary, to update the CSW Universal Hub when it's connected with the Endurance Button Module?

I just received my CLUBSPORT STEERING WHEEL PORSCHE 911 GT3 R LEATHER today. Put it all together and attached it to the DD1. The Endurance module updated to v17 but it did not recognize the Universal hub at all.

It basically said the following in the Firmware Manager.

Does this mean I have to hook it up via USB to the PC to update it when off the wheel base?



  • The Universal Hub does not have it's own firmware.

  • Or rather it's firmware is hardcoded and not updatable.

  • Thanks for the reply's guys. That makes sense. After posting this, I actually turned off the DD1, disconnected the USB-C connector between the Endurance module and the U-Hub, then turned the DD1 on. It saw the U-Hub and it didn't complain about the firmware. So I guess all was good.


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