Web Shop Idea - DIAMETER

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I was doing some steering wheel research to add a new one to my collection and maybe buy the new CSL universal hub and then I had an idea that I'd like to share with you. 💡

When you are looking for a new wheel you can sort items by Price, by Name, by Popularity or by Release Date, but I think it's also interesting having the option to look for steering wheels using the DIAMETER parameter.

Fanatec Steering Wheels go from 27 cm to 36 if I'm not wrong, and the sensations are totally different when you use them.

I have the CSL F1 (about 28 cm) and recently I purchased the BMW GT2 wheel (about 33 cm) and the sensations and the way I drive are different worlds. Also the BMW Gt2 is closer to my body (the F1 is more flat) so I believe this information can be useful for people looking to update their steering wheel collection when looking for a conceptual change, not only aesthetic.

I'm not a programmer, I'm in marketing, but I believe this idea is easy to implement and useful for all new and existing customers.

I hope this helps!



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