McLaren GT3 V2 Simplified Quick Release Not Tight Enough

The screw-style Simplified Quick Release on my copy appears to not tighten down the wheel to the base sufficiently, thus resulting in some slight play and knocking sound when performing quick turns or corrections in either direction. The sound and feel are very similar to what I get on the CSL Elite wheel if the set screw isn't fully tightened.

Wondering if anyone else who has the wheel is having the same problem. No word back from support yet. Thanks!


  • I did not notice this, but so far I have been playing with it for less than two hours.

    But the mount looks less secure than the screw.

  • What base are you using?

  • By adding a small amount of material (thin plastic bag) temporarily I was able to reduce or almost completely eliminate the issue. I believe this proves that the simplified quick release is simply not tightening down the steering wheel to the wheel base sufficiently.

  • Not sure if the CSL also comes with it but my CSW came with a spare O ring that was a bit thicker than the one that was on when i got it. After using the spare O ring and using the bolt on my Formula V2 (that bolt isn't an option with the simplified QR by the way) it became "play free" on the CSW.

    I wouldn't add other materials by the way!

  • From a post I put on Facebook a few days ago:

    Quick question any movement in the qr when attached to the CSL elite?

    I have a slight notchiness, feels like a belt slack being taken up when altering direction past centre. But starting to feel now it could be a slight movement in the qr as I can also feel it when the wheel is powered off and I turn the wheel to its extremes, fully left reaches a bump stop, then full travel right and there's a little step movement at the end of travel. 

     Quite annoying as I notice it in rf2, ACC and AC. Swapped out wheels with my p1 and not noticeable at all, so thinking there's some slop/movement in the McLaren qr.

    It's quite off putting, feels like additional road impact when there isn't any. Oh well might need to look into the original qr (metal) or look for the fitting with the hex screw, maybe from someone who has upgraded. I don't swap out wheels that often anyhow.

    Obviously can't beat the centering screw, a little worried this may be putting strain on the pins.

    Following with interest as I'm glad I'm not the only one who has discovered this.

    CSL elite base.

  • Yes with dd2 same thing just not tight enough, is there a solution besides buying more hardware?

  • is the same with the wrc wheel and the csl universal hub

  • Can confirm a thin piece of plastic bag as per the attached pic above takes up the slack.

  • why is the (single) metal sphere going to stick in the hole of the rubber ring? Shouldn't it be in metal?

    I found a nut that fit and ................ (+ \ -)

  • Yes - it seems to be enough to take up most if not all of the slack. But just a temporary solution to prove a point.

  • this is the solution i found for me and until now zero issues

    cigarrette filter and a nut lol

    first tighten the rubber ring tightly and set the height of the filter so that the nut is on the face of the rubber. it is in the nut that the metal ball will fit(fix) sorry my english

  • Hmmm, I'm only on a CSL elite, will probably replace the plastic qr with a version 1 qr, then use the retaining screw if needed. Don't think I can be bothered going through a fanatec warranty claim etc, probably all to long and difficult to get a fix.

    Most probably just a design fault and can't be bothered being a guinea pig. I guess I could always try my luck drilling a screw location hole in the plastic qr.

    Will definitely steer clear of this type of qr adaptor in the future.

  • a small upgrade lol

    I found a screw that fits and is easy to remove and is enough

  • Found this thread after posting one on the same issue. How was this not caught in QC at all by Fanatec? Really, a $200 rim that we as customers need to fix because of a really poor design? The key molded into the plastic QR is too narrow compared to the key way cut into the shaft of the CSL Elite wheelbase. I took the QR off the wheel, attached it to the wheel base, and turned it. The play is coming from the key being designed incorrectly, and allowing the wheel to slip rotationally. Fanatec seemed to think friction between the plastic of the QR and the metal of the wheelbase shaft would be sufficient... Which is just stupid. The plastic has quickly worn out on mine. I’d get it replaced by Fanatec, but a new one will wear out in a month. It’s unacceptable that customers have to live with being Fanatec’s QA.

    Fanatec: do you honestly think it’s acceptable that your customers have to resort to using plastic bags to fix your poor design? I thought this was the redesigned version... The slop between the QR and wheelbase shaft WILL lead to broken pins.

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    ^ well said

    mine take 3 pieces of paper thick to stop it

  • Yes, it is constantly knocking because it won't thigthen enough. I've had mine returned and my money refunded. Fanatec even said they know the issue and they told me to buy the 100 EUR clubsport release to prevent it. Later on they said this was not a correct statement, but I think their first employee knew exactly was is going on here.

  • Update: Fanatec finally came through with a replacement plastic QR (took over a month). You won't be surprised to hear that it did not solve the problem. As others have stated it's clearly a design flaw.

    However, I did get my hands on a metal ClubSport QR and I can confirm that it does not have the same issue. Hopefully Fanatec will fix the defective plastic QR in the future so others don't have to go through the same hassle.

  • So I fixed mine for now, I used some carbon fibre wrap material I had left over from another project and stuck 2 pieces down each side, issue has completely gone..

  • I'm also seeing this issue after about 20 days of using it. Quite sad, and I guess it shows that the Clubsport QR is sold out until June. I'm guessing lots of folks are seeing this issue. What's the deal, Fanatec? This wheel is otherwise fantastic. Please help us get this fixed without resorting to sticking a plastic bag into my QR.

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