Podium Button Module Endurance itm Data in the oled ?


I have tryed every thing previus scattered around to get this working proberly , but at the moment I am only able to get the default simple data to show in the oled

I have the 400 driver installed at updated firmware on all my units and running fanalabs 1.53

I can only "activate" the data in the DD1 oled display, I would very much like to move it up in the wheel display as I have seen it is on the vidios of the product ;)

Have I missed some steps to get it working ? in fanalabs its shows up , there is just o "radio Button" over the PBME like there is over the dd1 base that seems to be the action to activate the data in the dispay .

/ Peter


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    As described in the Quick Guide you need to press and hold the Tuning Menu Button and then TURN the Funky Switch of the BME left or right to scroll through the 5 ITM pages on the BME.

  • Dooh , how could I have missed that ? 🤦‍♂️ after it woud not work I took to the internet and just diged my self into at bigger hole of confunsing :O

    thanks very much appriciated :D

  • Peter,

    I have the same issue. The buttons work and the wheel changes to the different screen but there is no data feed during a race/practice/test drive. This is not a matter of not finding the funky switch, it is a matter where it appears games do not support the function or there is an in game or in fanalab option that has been missed.

    I run a Dd1 with podium hub and the endurance module. All drivers are latest versions.

    hopefully there is just a tick box we have missed...

  • You need to be in the latest firmware 684 with Fanalab 1.54.4 to get ITM Telemetry working.

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