WRC Wheel not recognized


I´ve got a problem with my yesterday delivered DD1. Everything works fine until i get my WRC Wheel mounted. When i put it on the display getting black and the DD1 will not longer recognize from windows. A restart doesnt solve the problem, the Fanatec logo shows and then the display went black again. The Base only restarts correctly when i disconnect the WRC wheel. With my F1 Esport Wheel i got no problems.

The WRC Wheel worked well on my CSL Elite without any problems. The drivers and Firmware are up to date (4.00), for the wheel i get no update in the firmware manager.

I hope someone can help me with my problem.


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    You have checked the base is not in Xbox mode after mounting the WRC wheel?

    The first time mounting any Xbox wheel your base will mostlikely go in to Xbox mode.

    What driver and firmware are you running? Maybe it's to old to support the WRC wheel?

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    The base is in PC Mode, i have tried CSW 2.5 Mode also, on both i´ve got the same issue.

    Driver is up to date (4.0), Firmware was also updated with the new Driver. I have also tried to downgrade with version 3.81, nothing changed, still the same issue.

    Here i have filmed the issue: https://youtu.be/pvznLfrurws

    This was a start with the WRC Wheel mounted, same happend if i mount it when the base is already on.

  • Nothing changed at the problem, but i find something interesting. When i put the WRC Wheel on the base display turns off. When i now mount the p1 wheel without an restart this shows on the display. It looks loke a error code. Someone can encrypt this?

  • Ok, wile i´m waiting for the answer from the Fanatec customer support i´m keeping the Thread alive ... .

    I think i have found the failure. It looks like the pins in the WRC Wheel doesnt fit properly in the Wheel base. In the direkt comparison with the P1 the pins from the P1 appear nearer to the edge of the hub.

    So what i try is to disasembling the Hub from the WRC Wheel (the new SQR) and mount the wheel without to try if something changes. And look here, the WRC Wheel appears in the Podium software and recognize every button. Driving with this setup is not possible, but it seems to works fine .

    My adoption is, the new SQR is a bit too long (in my case) so not all pins fit correctly in the hub at the base.

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