Uk buyers


Just a message to UK buyers if your scrolling the forums before placing an order. Be warned that delays are going to be very much part of your ordering process. (unless you are very lucky)

Fanatec have got back to me explaining the situation from their side and apparently its purely Brexit and UPS having to deal with all the new paperwork that is causing the hold up. Which I can accept however it doesn't explain how the V2 rim made it through if they were shipped at the same time, but again that could be and probably was paperwork related.

As it stands I have received 1 of the 2 items I ordered back on the 6th Jan, the 2nd package still sits in 'delay'.

My advice is if you are wanting to get your gear quick, either wait until all this stuff starts to blow over or look at the 2nd hand market within the UK. Im hoping I see my DD1 within the next couple of weeks, if not I will have to consider escalating. This is not a whinge as I have done all I can as a 'customer' to find out what is going on, and as a seller Fanatec have now provided the communication to explain the current situation.

Please just use this message as a watch out, so you don't go through the same frustrations as what I have.


  • If it was just Brexit, why are the parcels mostly stuck in Germany? Surely they would of arrived at a European port by now? Open boarders and all. Maybe Fanatec should use a different courier other than UPS, which seem to have terrible reviews.

    We use transglobal for European deliveries and even though there is a huge amount of paperwork, no customer has come back to complain their order is late?

    Unless Fanatec change their procedures, it'll certainly put me off ordering in future.

  • I still have none of my two parcels. One is in Germany with a delay and the other is in the UK again with a delay. So who knows when I will actually receive anything.

  • How much are we being hit with the Custom Charges as well these days. Can obviously appreciate the 20% UK VAT but I loath giving customs money to just to claim the VAT. After years of supporting our Foreign Brothers maybe this will have to come to an end.

  • You pay the courier for completing the import paperwork, not the government. This varies by courier, some are increasing the charges now due to the increased complexity post Brexit. It is also more complicated for sellers exporting to the UK from the EU. Many of those have decided that it is too complicated and have decided to stop selling to their Foreign Brothers in the UK.

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