It is said that DD2 only has problems in my home (it works fine in partnership).

Some time ago, there was a problem with the DD2 motor section.

The symptom was that the motor power (+ vibration) was weak.

And after about 3 weeks, I made a number of calls and made it to the cross-test ...

( it was too slow)

I received a call saying there was no problem.

So I think this is 100% my computer problem

I borrowed my brother's laptop and tried it, but the symptoms remain the same .. ;;

In the end, I received a support request from Pantech's technical support team to try to make it as myself.

"It may be a hardware problem, so it seems that there is a problem with the motor, please contact your reseller."

I received an email reply.

Of course I think so too. (Reinstalling Windows Driver Reinstallation Doesn't solve anything.

Haha, the problem is that it works well on GTI. -_- ;;;

Because you said that you can't proceed as, I don't know how to do this .. haha

I know this is a symptom, I can't sell it for sale, but I checked with a private company, and everyone said it was a motor problem and recommended replacing the motor.

+ Additional Content

Detailed symptoms and setting values ​​are as follows.


1). The torque force is weak (the motor force is weak compared to the torque force displayed on the display torque graph).

 -There is vibration, but the vibration is weak.

 -In-game FFB-related setting values ​​are compared when comparing the setting conditions with others.

  Use twice as much.

  <iRacing Strength 3.0-> Strength6.0 Use it up.>

<How to solve>

 1). Hi Trq Torque status check Ok (PC mode)

 2). I also tried reinstalling the driver, but the problem remains

  (v346, v352, v356 driver update and motor and base firmware (+ cali) update)

 3). Direct DD2 connection to a wall outlet does not solve the problem.

 4). Motherboard replacement test (no troubleshooting)

 5). Cross-testing was done with another computer (laptop), but the same problem with symptom "1)" occurred.

 6). Check the torque graph of the Panatec DD2 display (normal output, but the torque is weak)

iRacing Ferrari 488 GT3 This is the current setting used when driving a car.

<Based on nur gp>

 -First corner (11.9 Nm)

 -Second corner (10.1 Nm)

All corner average torque values ​​show 10 Nm torque force and the motor force is weak compared to the displayed torque force.


<PC Info>

CPU: Ryzen 3900X(no over)


RAM: Dual 8*2 16GB (no over) 

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