WRC Wheel / Podium DD1 PS4 Base issues?? Please Help.

Hi All

Having many issues getting this Wheel (WRC) to work with Podium Base DD1 PS4, could anyone Please help in setting it up, what Buttons on wheel do what ? work ? & with Settings both on the Podium Base & in WRC 9 Game, ie: Steering, FFB, etc.etc..

Many thanks if can HELP !



  • which driver are you using? for the WRC wheel to work on any base you need atleast the firmwares of driver 381. What each button does is listed in the quickguide of your steering wheel.

  • Thanks for your message, yes all Drivers updated, now on Driver 400, wheel updated, also Podium base. I am fully aware the WRC wheel can only be used on Low Torque on Podium DD. To be honest the handling of Car felt awful so tried experimenting with Settings both on Wheel via Podium Base & in Game settings, Car does not Steer at all now ?! so need some help on Settings. I am concerned that as can only be used in Low Torque perhaps this Wheel is not suitable for Podium DD Bases ?

  • The Button guide on Wheel manual only shows Button guide for PC & Xbox, not PS4 but this wheel is supposed to be PS4 ready ! so why dont they ( Fanatec ) also include modes / guides for PS4 ??

  • There is also a Post on here from another Member, having similar issues with this, (Podium & WRC wheel), I can confirm my Wheel is recognised on Base & shows PS4 mode on Podium base but setting it up & working out what Button does what is problematic !

  • low torque still gets you around 10Nm max torque on the DD1, so this should be fine. Could you post your settings?

    also which games are you trying to play?

  • Will post settings later.

    WRC 9

  • I think with WRC9 there were general issues with the wheel support on that particular game. Maybe you should also check if there are news about it.

  • Seems odd that the game is sponsored by Fanatec yet awful on a DD2 - cant seem to find any settings that make any car feel "normal"

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