Can't get satisfactory Customer Service!!!!

I am beyond disappointed with the customer service level. One would think after spending thousands you would have a company stand behind their products better... It takes days and days to get responses, they lose your response emails. They refuse to replace the defective product you just received. They want you to ship back a brand new Item for Repair instead of replacement....

Three days ago I ask to be contacted by a MGR. Now it seems they didn't like that and I am now just being ignored.


  • The customer service I have had has been disgusting and I will never buy another product from them again.

  • I had to smile a little bit from the response I finally got from them in relation to my parcel. A generic email around the ups/brexit issue. Which didn’t answer my question so I asked the question again and within 10 minutes they sent me the same generic email. Very helpful. I guess the mention of potentially wanting a refund on one of my products if it doesn’t leave Germany before a month passes since the original order date results in being ignored/fobbed off. Their customer service borders on the strange. The saga continues.

  • Same here matey. Do let me know how you get on.

  • Same here unless they really jump on this and get it fixed.

    I also will not be buying Fanatec in the future.

    You would think the number of bad reviews would start hurting their bottom line.

    A brand new product being received in a defective state should be replaced and not being forced to send back for repairs.

  • I am in the same boat. I think that they are trained to drag the issue out as long as possible. I do customer service along side many other duties at work, and I would be fired if I had a customer service email in my inbox as long as these guys let them sit. If you are considering getting into the Fanatec econosphere...DON'T!

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    I don't believe these intentional delays and unresponsiveness from the customer service are done without direction from the upper management. It has been going on forever with impunity. Unless enough people vote with their money and go somewhere, this is not going to change anytime soon. People are still lining up to order, why should they waste money to hire people to improve customer service?

    You either give up and go away or your warranty expired while you wait. Win win for them :-)

    Now I pray that mine doesn't break.

  • If you sent the email, or notify them during warranty and let us say that they havent replies or between replies warranty expires they will cover you.

    But since you feel this way, better sell your gear and move to others that they don't have problems 🤣 and you feel better 😉

  • So they now have my product but I have seen no refund and haven't had a reply for almost a week...

    A Brand new product they wanted me to send back to repair.... Not replace. I don't understand how they stay in business.

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