Tuning settings transfer to new wheel rim after swap

Hi gang,

I just received my WRC wheel last night and really enjoy it on Clubsport base with Dirt Rally 2.0. I discovered however that the tuning settings in each of the 5 banks was set to my Formula V2 wheel rim. After modifying the settings on the WRC I swapped it out with the Formula rim and discovered that one now has the new WRC tuning settings.

I'm assuming the settings are probably stored in the base if this the case.

I there a way to create customs tunings on the WRC wheel rim and not affect the tunings on the Formal V2 when that rim is reattached?

Thanks for any comments and advice.


  • No, the wheel doesn't save the settings, the base does, as I think you figured out. You could split the 5 presets between the two wheels or you could use Fanalabs and save as many sets as you like for each wheel.

  • Thanks, Gary. I hadn't considered Fanalab as a workaround. That's definitely the way I'll approach it then.

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