Quickrelease 2.0 - Wheel packages?

I'm wondering if the Podiumhub and for example the Formula wheels gonna be sold directly with the upcoming new Quickrelease.

Or if it's only gonna be sold seperately as an upgrade option.

The release shouldn't be too far away (at least I hope so) :D


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    Nobody knows yet.

    Information about the QR2 will be released with the BMW in Q2.

    Until then everyone can only speculate.

  • Alright in Q2, thanks for the information :)

  • Surely Fanatec know what their plans are for the QR2. Perhaps they are using this delay time to find a way to communicate positively what I suspect is going to be a divisive launch. Introducing a completely different QR system to the "ecosystem" will doubtless lead to some derision from the community - even if it is an improvement on the existing one.

  • I guess it will be optional, so the current eco system stays alive.

    I welcome the jump to a better QR system for the DD's, the current one is not bad, but still looks more like a placeholder to me.

    Changing steering wheels without having to loosen and tighten a screw gonna be a really nice upgrade.

    The reason why I made this thread is because if the QR2 is gonna be sold only seperately I would switch right now to the Podium hub and a Formula V2.

    But if they sell directly installed QR2 Hub and Steeringwheel versions, I would wait for the release.

  • I think the QR2 will only be used as a default on the podium series wheels unless you need the hub. The Clubsport and CSL will keep using the current QR, maybe Fanatec stops with the plastisch QR’s for the current series and uses it only on the “to be launched” cheap products for the console market in the price range of Thrustmaster and Logitech.

    Batteries of my glass sphere are empty now so for more future announcements I’ll come back later. 😉

  • Watching the latest interview with Thomas Jackermeier, the BMW M4 steering wheel is in the final testings (It has to be used a certain distance and shouldn't fall apart :D )

    Also (in the CSL DD preview) it was stated the QR 2.0 coming soon:

    The CSL DD uses an improved, automotive-grade, all-aluminium quick release. This component is user-exchangeable, ready for the transition to the all-new QR2 system (coming soon).

    We will ship it in Q3 this year and pre-orders will open as soon as we have a reliable shipping date.

    The question if there gonna be any QR2 x Steeringwheel/ hub packages still remains.

    My only hope is that we don't have to wait for shipping until Q3, fingers crossed :)

  • getting closer :)

  • or not... it's been really quiet about the QR 2 . Any infos would be welcome

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