Order returned to fanatec by UPS.

Hi. My tracking says that UPS have returned my order to fanatec due to missing invoice.

Will fanatec cancel my order or resend it?

So frustrating after waiting a week already.



  • Can anyone shed any light on what exactly would have been missing and is it likely that fanatec would have accidently not included it?

    I had an update on tracking that it cleared customs on Thursday but now its being sent back.

    It doesn't make sense.

  • please contact the support, no one here in the forum can help you with your case.

  • And wait 3 weeks for a response

  • 1-900-Fanatec ... pay by the minute, even while your are on hold 😀

  • The tracking comments I have had from UPS have been all over the place, one minute cleared, the same minute, not cleared etc etc.

    The biggest issue was that they needed some information from Fanatec before it left Germany. I'm not sure if Fanatec ever provided that (as I asked), as I contacted UPS myself and the package subsequently cleared

    It does seem that Fanatec need to improve their documentation. I know everyone blames BREXIT, but I thought that they have been exporting Globally ( other than EU) for some time, so they should know what customs will require?

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