Will this work for me?

I am considering buying:

  • Clubsport wheelbase V2.5
  • CSL Elite pedals
  • Clubsport steering wheel Formula V2
  • Clubsport table clamp V2

Now to the question: The table clamp has 2 screws for fastening. Since my table doesn't have that much space to the back to fix 2 screws, my question is whether one screw is sufficient or whether it is necessary to use both of them.

Can someone help me with this? Thank you in advance


  • The V2.5 can be pretty strong (depending on your settings), forces are compareable to the lower and mid range of a direct drive (DD1).

    So I would say 2 screws are necessary.

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    Would you have another solution or would I have to buy a new desk or a wheelstand?

  • Florian LichtFlorian Licht Member
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    a wheelstand would be a good option to start with, because the pedals would be also hardmounted that way.

    You don't have to use something ultra strong, something like a GT Omega wheelstand would do the job.

    but one screw like you plan is probably not enough, or in other words, you wouldn't be able to use the full potential of the wheel base that way.

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