Hello, I have tried numerous times to make the payment and I could not, I have tried with paypal, VISA, MASTERCARD and all with the same result, my account is in the correct region ...

someone who can help with this problem?


  • i am having the same problem ! i cannot make a payment and i have tried everything i just recently started a discussion, I will try to see where my region is i have not attempted this. Let me know if you find a solution,

  • It is being looked into. You can always try to call the credit card company and ask if they have an anti fraud enabled on your card and to remove for the Endor transaction. This works in some cases, not all.

  • Same happened to me, already 5 days trying with the same error. Im buying from outside USA in the USA Store, shipping to the USA Store, paying with an USA Paypal account... The only thing Im missing to try is ask a friend to make the transaction from USA itself, maybe its a paypal or fanatgecs website security issue.

    Did you solve it?

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