Pedals not working correctly.


My CSL Elite wheel base and pedals finally arrived however the pedals do not work intermittently. I load up the game and the brake pedal or gas does not work. It is always only one pedal, either the gas or the brake, one of them will not work so i have to restart everything to try and get them both to work.

This is on a Playstation 5 system. on GT Sport. Below is what I have tried so far:-

1) Turning the PS5 on before the wheel base.

2) Turning the Wheel Base on before the PS5.

3) Loading the game before I turn on the wheel base.

4) Turning on the wheel base before I load the game.

5) Disconnecting and reconnecting all the wires to the wheelbase.

6) The front USB port of the PS5.

7) The rear USB port of the PS5.

8) Flashing the firmware of the wheelbase to an earlier version.

9) Flashing the wheelbase back to the latest firmware.

I am now out of ideas and assume they are faulty. Can I be sent out an electronic pedal box to replace on my set or do I have to send the whole product back which will take absolutely weeks. 


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    So let us understand on the issue.

    When stepping on the brake OR the throttle they work. When stepping on both at the same time they wont work and you have to press one OR the other. Correct?

    Few questions.

    a) When you say latest and previous firmware. Could you please advise which driver numbers?

    b) Are the pedals working in the PC mode in the fanatec's drivers software?

    c) Is it in PS mode when connected to PS?

    d) Have you assigned it as a controller?

    e) did you choose the correct wheelbase inside the game as a controller?

    f) Can you sent a short video?

    g) can you sent pictures of the cables and the connection ports?

  • Hello,

    Apologies I'll try to be clearer. Only one pedal work when I start the game. It's sometimes the gas, it's sometimes the brake. Only one of the pedals responds to a press. The other does nothing.

    Sometimes they both work but it's got no system to get them to work it's completely random.

    Drivers are the 400 or 401 I believe. Can't check exactly at the moment.

    Both pedals work when tested on PC however I have no racing games to try I don't play on my PC its way to slow so I've only plugged it in once to test.

    I have assigned it as a controller.

    It is in the blue PS4 mode.

    I don't get to choose the wheel base in GT Sport it auto picks up the wheelbase.

    I can do a video and pictures later.


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    Matt if it is working on the PC application then it shouldn't be a hardware issue.

    Don't have a PS5 or playing in PS5 GT-Sport but in in my PS4 in the controller options there are several bases to choose with the CSL Elite + being one of them.

    You can also assign there buttons and the pedals.

    There might be a button (don't forget it was used to be a controller as well) so it might be recognizing another button from the controller as the pedals.

    Switch off the controller while using the wheel and pedals and also check the bindings in the controllers.

    Last although I am sure you did it, pedals should be connected with RJ12 cable to the base and not by USB to the console. (not sure if your pedals have USB or they are the CSL without LC which then it is only one way to connect)

  • Thank you for your help.

    They worked the one time I tried them but sometimes they both work on my PS5 the issues is totally random and intermittent.

    I will check further into the bindings but I'm quite sure I checked everything was ok in there.

    There is no USB connection on my pedals matey.

    Oh I also switch off the dual shock before I play.


  • Check if the RJ12 cable is a bit loose fit or tight fit in the back of the base and in the electronics box (be gentle 😉 Other people when checking thought they were pulling a rope and totally broke the thing 😁) .

    Also try without turning ON the controller from the beginning.

    What I mean. Turn on the PS from the console button and not the controller.

    Assign as controller the wheel base when asked (the wheel has a PS button) and operate the PS from there using the funky switch and the steering wheel buttons.

    Check the controller menu that CSL Elite is chosen and re- assign the throttle and brake only.

  • I will try all those things later. Thank you for your time and effort.

  • 5 days ago I raised a ticket. Still no response from fanatec for my return or any help.

  • 6 days. No response from Fanatec.

  • They responded after 8 days. Asked me for a video. I have sent them a video. No response again. 5 days ago.

  • 7 days. Zero response from Fanatec.

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