Buying from Brexit UK....... My experience

So I've read on here of extensive delays, basically caused by UPS post Brexit. Despite that I ordered a CSW and wheel on the 28th January. I wasn't expecting it until end of February tbh. Now I don't have it yet BUT as of this morning it has arrived at my local depot. My estimated delivery date is now the 8th. So that's only 10 or so days since ordering which tbh wasn't vastly different to 4 years ago when I ordered the V3 pedals. Charges wise I've paid the VAT and also a £12 customs charge. That's it. According to the tracking Brexit only delayed it 2 days.

So don't be put off buying from Fanatec as I think ups might have sorted the logistics out. Either that or I got lucky!


  • You defo got lucky, maybe the Brexit hiccups have started to be ironed out now. I ordered on the 7th Jan and, after 5 missed delivery dates, it arrived Feb 3rd.

    Still I do think this is a UPS/EU/Brexit problem and not Fanatec. They were polite and as helpful as they could be I guess.

    Loving the Csl elite wheel base I ordered, couldn't be happier. šŸ˜

  • Lol maybe I have got lucky! Certainly more people on here with bad experiences. Might order another steering wheel so will be able to test the process again. Let's see! Can't wait for the CSW. Upgrading from a T300 which is starting to become erratic.

  • Would of liked to get the v2.5 but funds didn't stretch that far. Will order the Mclaren rim when it's available again.

    Most people only frequent forums to moan, not many come here to say how happy they are. Lol

  • Well it arrived today so nice bonus. That was a week from ordering! Now to set it up!

  • Enjoy šŸ˜

  • You are lucky. Ordered 23rd Jan, paid VAT 1st Feb, had a notification that it was going to be delivered on 2nd, and then constant delay notices ....and it’s still in Germany?

    Have fun with the new base, pretty sure you’ll notice a huge difference

  • Yeah looks like I got lucky. Hope you get yours soon.

  • Ordered 25th, paid vat the 1st and still stuck in Germany too

    It wouldnt be so bad but DPD seem to be able to get stuff from Holland through Germany in a similar time to normal yet I've lost all hope with UPS.

    I actually want to order a handbrake too right now but the fact its UPS only is massively putting me off.

  • Mine has finally been marked as having departed Herne-Boenig, where it has sat since 28/1/.....but still no estimated delivery date?

  • Mine has now reached the UK....but is again delayed due to "BREXIT" and again no delivery date stated, even though it has cleared customs and I have paid the charges (on the 1st Feb).

    UPS seem to be in a real mess!

  • When nine reached the UK I got it within 4 days mate so you may be close.

  • I didn't get a Brexit delay once in the UK. That's not good. Despite obviously getting lucky I agree UPS are not dealing with this well. Fanatec should probably go with another provider for the UK

  • I've had the fees notification on the 10th and paid on 10th or 11th.

    Still in Herne-Boernig, Germany. So let's see if it takes longer.

    TBH I was always expecting this to take a bit of time and was expecting this by 20s Feb but it seems it may run now up to March from what you guys are saying.

  • Package just arrived. All-in-all, not as long as I was expecting it would take, so pretty satisfied with that.

    So Order on 4th Feb, Fees paid on 11th, Delivery on 17th.

    Not bad. I found the tracking info on UPS was still showing Germany as of last night so definitely they're a bit misleading as I guess they don't have real-time updates on some of their systems of where it is.

  • Or simply not scanning them when they arrive or in the move (as they should be doing) and this is why they started loosing packages as well.šŸ¤¬


  • Surprisingly once they deliver to your door your phone rings with 2 notifications saying that you have it :)

  • Ordered the CSL Elite LC Pedal Kit on 13th Feb and it arrived on 22nd Feb (to the UK), so pretty good, also I didn't pay any VAT or Import duties, which seems odd, possibly becasue it was under the £135 threshold? (was a total of €135.10 (£123).

  • Sadly not having as smooth of an experience as some of you have.

    • Ordered F1 Podium + Clubsport V3 Pedals on the 1st Feb.
    • Order shipped on the 9th.
    • Bounced between Bielefeld & Herne-Boernig 3 times over 4 days.
    • Incurred 3 days Brexit delay before finally getting opportunity to pay the VAT (paid within 30 mins of the notice).
    • Since then has been back to Bielefeld 4 times and back to Herne-Boernig 3 times.
    • Now is back to Herne-Boernig and has been there for 2 days.
    • Just received another 'Brexit delay' notice.

    I am not expecting this to be resolved any time soon, have talked to UPS and they are just repeating the tracking info (which is expected from a person in a call centre) but tell me to talk to Fanatec as they created the order, Fanatec tell me to talk to UPS as they have the item.

    Not got a lot of hope of ever actually receiving the item given the fact the package is going around in circles! 2100 euro well spent...!

  • Sorry man. It seems that is not only the imports that are a mess but exports to. And the main problem is fucking UPS.

    Have ordered brake pads for my TCR from UK to come in the UAE. All the gazillion times before it was 3-4 days door to door.

    Now we are on week 3.

    First package got lost and supplier had to resent.

    Now the second is being delayed (stuck at a fucking ups depot) with the Brexit notice as excuse.

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