CSL wrc wheel on dd2 base, question before purchase

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I have dd2 and podium porsche kit. My son (16y) started to play dirt rally 2.0 and the porsche rim is not great for rally, because of the rim D shape.

Currently he plays with high torque enables, 35% ffb and linearity on.

I intend to order csl wrc steering wheel, because it is completely round and will be more convenient for rally. I read in the webshop that high torque is not supported on this wheel, even with ClubSport QR.

My question is - will the wrc wheel (in low torque mode, but 100% ffb) be able to achieve similar forces like the porsche podium?

Also any other advices on wrc rim + dd base are welcomed.



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    When using High Torque with FF35 and LIN ON the motor is capped at 7Nm (below CSW Levels)

    When using Low Torque with FF100 and LIN OFF the motor is capped at around 9Nm, so yes, even with Low Torque of the WRC wheel it would still be similar or even higher forces due to it's lighter weight and smaller diameter

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    Thank you very much, Maurice, for the detailed and quick answer :)

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