Clubsport Universal Hub shifter post-travel difference

Hi guys,

I'm having an issue with my brand new fanatec Universal Hub. The post travel on my downshift is way longer than on my upshift. It feels about twice as long. This is very annoying. I know i can adjust the pre-travel but i cannot find a way to adjust the post travel (without mods).

Anyone else experiencing this same issue? Is there something i can do about it or should i request RMA?

A video of the issue:


  • After some further investigation I think the activationpoint on the downshifter lays way earlier than on the upshifter. This automatically results in a longer post travel. Since I've adjusted the pre travel to the point that I hear the reactivation click on both sides, the downshifter has a longer total travel. I hope there is a solution for this problem...

  • Chris NobleChris Noble Member
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    Mate have a good look and make sure one of the actual shifter paddles aren’t bent. I’ve had 2 brand new Fanatec wheels arrive with a bent shifter..

  • I found the solution! (While still waiting for fanatec customer support)

    I've opened the 'shifter box' and found a tiny 1mm hex screw. A few twists and it was right.

    Here's a picture of the screw for those who're interested

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