Endurance Module problems


I have a the Porsche rim with the Endurance module: https://fanatec.com/eu-en/steering-wheels/podium-steering-wheel-porsche-911-gt3-r-suede

Sadly I can't get the Enduro Mod to work properly....Or, its working fine, but I can not choose a ITM setting in the Fanalab software, like I can whit the DD1 motor.

In Fabnalab, under ITM, the DD1 shows up and I can select the display I want.

Under it, the PODIUM BUTTON MODULE ENDURANCE also show up, but I can not select any of them so they show up on the display?

The only thing I can do is use the slider for "Display Duration", there is no "round box" over the 5 options to tick, like it's supposed to be. (Like it is on the motor display options)

Lucily the display on the Enduro shows speed, gear shifts and position now, but I want it to work as it should ;)

Can anyone help me figure out my issue?

Cheers Kenneth


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