Mclaren GT3 v2 csw 2.5 alu quick release

Is there someone who knows the differents in use between the plastic qr and seperate alu qr that can be bought for an extra 100 bucks? I can imagine that some details in ffb can be gained when using the alu qr.


mclaren gt3 wheel v2

csw 2.5


  • It's just comfort to exchange the wheel quicker. FFB fidelity is identical, maybe even more detailed with the included plastic QR as that has in general less play.

  • Roy HofmannRoy Hofmann Member
    edited February 8

    Oke, thanks. I noticed that my esports f1 rim has at least 40% more feeling in the rim. FEI is 80 on the mclaren wheel, and on my f1 rim 50 otherwise the ratteling was to big to my taste. Great wheel but sure loosing a lot of details with the mclaren wheel. Maybe saving cash to upgrade to a dd1.

  • The metal quick release with the bolt in feels so much better, WAY! less movement than the plastic QR

  • But does less movement translates in more details?

  • Theoretically I guess. All I noticed was less play..

  • Mine has slip in it so I will be upgrading to the aluminium qr version 1 soon.

    Sorry not impressed with the plastic fantastic.

  • Roy HofmannRoy Hofmann Member
    edited February 9

    Mm, still not sure if upgrading to the alu gives some benefits.

  • so can you say that a upgrade doesn’t do anything in my case?

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