Fanatec 50% off

Fanatec product will must be 50% cheaper becouse of issues. Im really angry i trying update firmware from friday until today and wheel dont work correctly! Its impossible to race normal using recomended settings. I try 100 different settings, firmwares, usbs and stil is ******. 🤬

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    First of all understand your frustration but watch your language.

    Secondly. What base, what drivers, what wheel and what is the issue? Can you describe it clearly so maybe someone in this forum might be able to help you?

  • Im sorry but i was really angry 😃

    I have csl elite ps4!

    After update to newest firmware FFB not good any more car just want to drift or overstear more good grip!

    I try reinstall,INSTAL 50 times, i delete drivers, try Drivers 347, 381,336,372,400,... try motor firmware v18, v20, v22, reinstall drivers 50x(all weekend} , try another PC, try all USBs, try new usb cable, try System Restore on PC, i try all i know... But FfB always seems to be the same, there is no difference but must be🤷‍♂️Very heavy on very unpredictable, at center its some dead zone, i cant feel road like before now is just heavy and too responsive like DRI +3.(i USE -5!!)


    I HAVE all the time recomend settings but now its impossible to race normaly 🤷‍♂️ in dirt when i go in to corner car just want to drift and spin and its drifting all over the road Then the car is hard to straighten back.... for each car and country (tarmac, gravel, snow) I have to adjust the steering wheel settings for each stage and thats its not fun anymore i just want to race...

  • Strange because from 381 to 402 nothing was changed to the FFB forces.

    A few games though have done update on physics as well (between the divers releases).

    Also please be reminded that after any driver update the settings/profile in the wheel base are getting lost.

    Recommended setting have not changed too for the latest drivers.

    Maybe an in game setting that you might be missing?

    Dont know about Dirt or WRC games though.

    The heavy wheel might be a lot of setting being "off".

  • I try now driver 340 346 and 381 but still not good 🤬🤬

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    Between 346 and 381 had FFB, DRI and some other stuff different while 381 and 402 the FFB was not touched.

    Are you sure when you are doing all these updates or downgrade you are doing them as fresh new install? (unistall and delete ALL previous drivers first and anything related to fanatec software? )

    Are you also flasing the correct Firmwares that correspond to the driver you are flashing? This plays big role too.

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