Difficulties getting the RMA process going.

Hello there,

I had been a happy CSL Elite F1 Esports bundle customer for a good while. But recently, I had a major problem where my wheel's feedback had started irregularly acting funny. I had resolved it a few weeks ago, but then as I was playing a bit of Assetto Corsa, My feedback went weird again and I stopped the car and pulled out the wheel, only to discover a Pin from the center of the connection came off and stayed in the wheelbase. My wheel no longer turns on when I power it all up and the wheelbase doesn't detect the wheel being there at all. I already opened the support request on January 5, but I have had no response from Fanatec Support for 5 days in order to proceed with the process and send the wheel and wheelbase for RMA. I'm hoping someone here can help me move this process along, as at this rate, I'll be missing the last few races of my Sim Racing season. Thanks in advance.


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    Not sure where you are from but if in Europe, try to call them (between 14:00 and 16:00 if i'm correct). Had 2 issues with Fanatec hardware and both where resolved within a week after i gave them a call.

    If you opened the ticket on january fifth and still don't have a response a month after something must have gone wrong with the request.

  • Should've mentioned that. I'm from Puerto Rico. It was quite a bit of a hassle to even get my order from them in the first place because my island has weird issues when it comes to shipping even though we're part of the USPS system. I also have to correct that I wrote January 5th, I meant February 5th. But still, 5 days have gone by without a response. I did try calling Fanatec US but they always appear to be unavailable.

  • I just had some issues with my V3 took them a while to get to me. I was told they are really back logged from all there xmas orders. im sure you know but there are a larger number of sim racers out there more then ever due to covid which is great. But getting help sometimes takes longer.

    I provided them feedback and told them they should send out an auto email saying we received your email and will get back to you within 7-10 days or whatever it is. I remember i had an issue with thrustmaster and they said please allow us 8 days to get back to you.

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