Clubsport Porsche 918 RSR Paddle Shifter Skipping Gears

I have just started using my paddle shifter on my Porsche 918 RSR wheel and noticed that it will skip a gear on downshifts occasionally causing my car to spin out. Every 4th or 5th lap on downshifts from 4th to 3rd or from 3rd to 2nd it will skip the next gear down ie, from 4th to 3rd it will go 4th to 2nd gear or if I'm shifting from 3rd to 2nd it will shift to 1st gear. I first though it must be me pulling back on the paddle twice without realizing it but after a number of these I took notice to make sure I wasn't. I played back the video and saw that it wasn't me but the paddle shifter was skipping the gear on the downshift. This never happens on the upshift, only the downshift. I've sent in a complaint to Fanatec but haven't heard anything from them in almost a week.

Is there an adjustment on the paddle that can stop this from happening or is the problem with the microswitch in the paddle shift? Can this be fixed by me or does the wheel have to go back to Fanatec. The wheel is only 2 months old and I've started using the Clubsport shifter in the mean time but would really like to go back to the paddles...


  • If only two months wait for support to get back to you.

    In order to make the communication faster and skip a few back and forth eimail better to include the ivdeo as well in your support ticket.

  • I've recorded a number of examples of the paddle shifter skipping gears when down shifting. Fanatec support want videos showing the missed downshifts so I sent them several files, all .rpy files. The have now contacted me saying they can't open an rpy file extension which I find hard to believe since Fanatec makes sim racing componets and Iracing is one of the oldest and largest racing sim games out there. Anyway they say if I can't send them a video copy showing the missed downshifts they want me to send the wheel and wheel base back to them to analyze. This would mean I would be out of service for a month or more...

    I guess I'm asking if someone can tell me how to convert a .rpy file to an mp4 or mov file.

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