Going From Thrustmaster to Fanatec

So nothing against Thrustmaster as their products did me well for the time i used them and never failed me.

I just wanted to share my experience i went from T300rs using a sparco add on wheel mod. to a fanatec clubsport 2.5 wheel base using the nascar wheel rim and the podium hub.

The smoothness on the clubsport 2.5 wheel base was a world of difference amazing is all i can say. I wasn't sure what to expect. But i was blown away.

Its Daytona week on iracing for nascar series and my first race back in 3 weeks i actually won. I posted it on my youtube channel. Also with my very quick unboxings that i love to do to give people a quick overview.

Check it out:


but anyone thinking to switch over and looking on this discussion board you should and you will not be disappointed!!!


  • I made the exact same switch. So happy the 2.5 is way ahead of the t300 in every way. Play something other than iracing though. The force feedback is just plain shite compared to other sims like rfactor and AMS 2. I re subbed iracing when I got the 2.5 and cancelled a week later.

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