Updating CSL elite steering wheel ? is it even possible?

Need help updating the steering wheel, won't let me press the update button...

I have recently purchased the following:

CSL Elite Wheel Base + - officially licensed for PlayStation™ (CSL_E_WBp_US). It came with the CSL Steering Wheel P1 for PS4 (CSL_E_RP1_PS4).

I have successfully updated the wheel base and motor, but can't seem to figure out how to update the steering wheel... On the fanatec website, I can see the list of all my purchased products and was able to download instruction manuals, etc. BUT! When I press the download link of the steering wheel it says This product is SOLD OUT! There are no units left and there will be no pre-order for this product! No documents, no description, nothing is available to view for this product... I've been trying to search the forums for help, but can't seem to find any solution.

Could someone help me?



  • It’s not possible to update firmware of that wheel.

    Only the wheels in the text next to your wheel can be updated.

  • As you could read in the description directly in your screenshot... Your wheel is NOT listed as a Wheel which can be updated. So you can NOT update that wheel at all.

  • Thank you so much for the quick response! I mostly needed a confirmation that indeed it could not be updated :) Thanks again :)

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