CSL Elite PS - Paddle issue

Hi all

i have a CSL Elite PS. Recently noticed that the left down shift paddle sometimes doesn’t register when downshifting. Often happens when I’m going fast down the gears from 6th to 2nd. It gets to 3rd and then doesn’t go into 2nd. Almost as if it doesn’t register a downshift sometimes.

Anyone have thoughts on this. Bought this brand new back in May 2020. I play Projects Cars 2

thanks Martyn


  • Make sure it’s not the game that prevents the down shift. A lot of games have down shift protection on a lot of cars to prevent to high rpm like in a lot of real cars. If the rpm is already high and you down shift the game doesn’t let you. Some games show a warning like Assetto Corsa, but other like iRacing just don’t down shift. Don’t know what PC2 does.

  • That’s a good point I will check that against various cars.

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