It should not have to take a Paypal dispute and a BBB complaint to get help with technical support.

Seriously, how does Fanatec even survive?

Their products are amazing when they work, but God help you if you ever need support.

I received a bricked wheel with my order a month ago, and getting any sort of help from tech support is like pulling teeth.

What sort of magical spells do I have to conjure up to actually get a response from this company? I feel completely shafted out of the $1000 I just spent.


  • There are people on this forum who won't have a bad word said against Fanatec so I would not expect the best response from a few.

    I feel your pain mate. My pedals do not work and I have tried to get technical support and organise a return however I have had to wait 7 days between responses to emails and they are asking me to try things I have clearly outlined I have tried.

    It's always a delay tactic and ever email takes another week for a response.

    I have now contacted the financial ombudsman and my bank to make a claim against Fanatec as I am £500 out of pocket with no usable wheel.

    I had always wanted a Fanatec wheel so to have this service is such a kick in the teeth.

    I wish you the best of luck mate and I'm sorry your experience is the same as my own.

  • Let me add on Matt case that he had the option to not accept the delivery and get a refund because he didn't want to receive it being angry for the delay and in the end he decided to keep in order to turn around a quick buck. (all the above as per his posts).

    Also I am one of the forum members that tried to help him troubleshooting, but I guess it didn't work.

  • I think that nowadays for technical support or RMA in UK they have a local agent due to Brexit but not sure 100% how it works.

  • Ahhh so because I decided to keep hold of it it's my fault it's faulty not Fanatec's. Of course my bad.

    Me deciding to keep hold of a product I paid for and do with what I wish also excuses pathetic customer service. It's all my fault really I'm so sorry forum. So sorry Fanatec 😂😂😂

  • Alex you did try to help me which was hugely appreciated. What I choose to do with my life and my money though is my business.

    It does not excuse the disgusting customer service you get from this company.

  • Of course what you decide to do with your hard earned money is your business.

    But when you state one day this, then the other day something different and then the 3rd day something different in a public forum and changing your opinion faster than the weather, then in order to blame anyone for delays in refund, deliveries, support etc when you already had the info and option, or jump into the forum stating your side of the story cause there are a lot of variables and people need to know all aspects to create a proper picture or else people get misguided. This is why I used you as an example only and nothing more which I apologize.

    Many times in the past people came into this forum stating their side of the story and when they were challenged or fanatec showed their side of the story it wasn't actually like the OP complaining picturing. Or other times when hardware had problems it ended up being user mistake, even so got RMA'd but user never got back to say it was rectified and to say thank you for example. He just left the bitter comments for others to read.

    Unfortunately it is known that Fanatec support takes 5-7 days to reply to an email and they need to do better on this aspect.

    Also I feel bad that I didn't point it out (actually remind it to you) when I was trying to help you and tell you to attach a video for support to see so you can skip some email exchanges since I know from personal experience.

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    the disgusting (your opinion) customer service YOU got so far. Stop to generalize your customer support experience, seriously.

    I agree that the customer service needs to improve in some areas, but you keep changing the topic in your favor everytime someone disagrees with you.

    how should the support help you in the first place without a video?!

    And you knew the support is full with inquiries atm and it takes up to 7 days for the next response.

    A serious question to you: Are you only here to troll or are you serious about the messages you write in this forum?

  • I can change my mind as much as I wish.

    My changing my mind has not affected the service that I and many others have received.

    Like I've already stated if you have had no issues then your going to love Fanatec as you do. The shoe would be on the other foot had you had the experience that I and many others have had.

    People are going to come to the forum disgruntled because many will not have expected such disgusting service when they ordered.

  • I don't love Fanatec, stop making assumptions. but from that answer I can see you are very stubborn and can't accept other people's opinions.

    Again, saying people will come here because of the digusting customer service as you name it is another assumption.

    At some point it's time to get over it and move on.

  • I have tried every relevant WB firmware from 346-402 and still have not been able to get a response from the wheel. After installing/uninstalling/reinstalling things for a months straight I finally started to take a hint...

    I am what I'd like to consider a technologically capable person. I understand Fanatec has a process to go through when creating an RMA. However, I have explained to them numerous times that I have done my due diligence and nothing is working.

  • wheelbase shows up and appears to work just fine, the issue is the wheel not being recognized by the WB

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    which wheel? Im sorry if I ask so much, but maybe we can get you there :)

  • I'm afraid it's you making the assumption that I was replying to your post. I was not. As I think you are an idiot.

  • don't you think it's time to stop insulting me yet again? Always funny to see people start insulting others once they're out of arguments. Shows the stupidity of those who do it.

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    Due to Covid customer Support through Email in EVERY industry that you place online orders is Delayed... Also Due to Covid and Every 1 is Now shopping and ordering Online this means Due to increased Shipping demand Shipping times can be Delayed as well...Also Now Factor in that the Major Shipping company's are Transporting and Delivering the Covid Vaccine and you get even longer wait time for products to ship or deliver.

    With that said Be patient your Emal will get answered... I too put in a RMA Request and waited 5 to 7 days between each Email response... It took maybe 14 days to resolve and I am still awaiting My product return ... Question Did you send a Video that shows the Issue and a Brief Summary of what you think problem is<-- We all know thats standard procedure --> "I was sent a Bricked wheel" doesn't say much as there have been many reports of bricked wheels and its just a case of user error.

    Yes you have the right to Sell or do what ever you please with a product when you buy it...But Making false claims that Fanatec cheated you out of your $$$ is taking away from you claim that all you really want is/was a working product... Are You Looking for Resolve, A Refund or to try and Extort a Refund and Sell the wheel for profit?

    Best Advice Be patient and it will all work out.

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    The issue isn't covid, it's them running an email based support system for only two hours a day. Everything they're doing could easily be done from home. Lockdowns aren't the issue. If Fanatec can throw a bunch of money to sponsor a GTWC calendar, they can afford to give tech support more than 2 hours a day of work. They clearly have the workload for it.

    I also never said I felt cheated by them. I said I felt shafted... I haven't been able to use my sim in over a month as a result of this issue. You'd be hard pressed to find anyone not upset about that.

    You can also get completely bent if you think I'm trying to "extort a refund..." go back to griping about peoples POV, pal.

  • Wow the people on this forum are unbelievable! It's hysterical 😂

  • You are 100% correct mate! Your supposed to think it's ok to be receiving the service you are.

  • You have a point mate. Their customer support needs definite improvement since it's very user-unfriendly. Once you get their attention it's quite allright but to get there is another issue. Things that can all be done from home so why is COVID the excuse? And you said it yourself, there are some here you can sell an empty wheelbase and still they tell you everything is fine. Most of those are listed here. And to point out that CS and forum support needs improvement they should have moderated this posts a couple of days ago since it's overshadowing the OP.

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