Handbrake on preorder, do I cancel and reorder?

Would it be faster to cancel and reorder without the hand brake or contact customer support about removing it so they will send out the full set up. (I already messaged them) Just dont know what would be faster / more efficient.


  • Decided to go for the refund as I saw in FAQ there is no way to modify and order. I got it on paypal credit and I will keep you all updated on the status and speed of the refund so I can reorder

  • Refunds were the one thing Fanatec did quite quickly. I had a McLaren wheel on order and I cancelled it when my pedals arrived and do not work. I had the money back within two days.

  • Yes! Refund was issued same day and it took a couple days to hit the bank, just reordered without the handbrake. Sorry to hear about the pedals. Thanks for the response!

  • No worries matey best of luck 👍

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