Question about Wheel Property Settings (NDP, NPR and NIN)

I've been testing different settings for WRC 9 and have a question about the settings mentioned in the title. I've reached a point where I'm able use the following settings with no wheel oscillation, have really good force feedback, can literally do anything I want with the car handling wise, hear screeching sounds when I slide across asphalt that I don't remember hearing before, movement up and down going over bumps I've never felt before. It almost feels too good.

SEN 240

FF 95






FEI 90

FOR 90

SPR 90

DPR 90



My in-game settings are relatively normal, tyre, suspension all set to 51.

In an ideal world is having everything between LIN and INT as low a value as possible or off the best possible setting. By that I mean when these values are low/off is it using the raw/unaltered signal from the device and for the most part the other settings (FF, FEI etc) are just amplifying the signal. 

As I increased the FF value the wheel got stiffer, which I imagined helped eliminate oscillation. From the videos I've watched if I understand correctly in a well designed system having a high FF value should not affect the resolution, for lack of a better word, the different textures in the road etc. Is this true or I'm I losing something by cranking up FF to such a high value.

Am I losing anything by having LIN - INT OFF?

I realize it's all subjective but something I've struggled with all along since I've never driven any type of race car, how do you know when your settings have hit the sweet spot allowing you to do anything with the car vs making the car artificially easier to drive by tweaking a setting a bit to far.

Thanks, trying to get a better understanding of proper way to configure a wheel.

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