corrosion on DD hub?


had my DD1 around 3-4 months now and found that my hub is corroding fast and pitted, paint flaking off etc. the wheelbase has been kept in a warm dry room of the house, no garages etc. I've reached out to fanatec who have been excellent when helping me previously and I'm hoping they think this is too much and send me a replacement hub but i want to gauge if this is normal over this period of time. thanks for any feedback.


  • Looks like an issue with the coating, probably they are going to send you a replacement.

    Did you grease it with something? Maybe that's the cause of the coating coming off. I'm using a PTFE dry spray from WD40 at the moment for it ( which doesn't have a negative effect on rubbers and doesn't attract dust etc to keep the wheel coming of easily.

  • no mate not greased it because it came pre greased, not really removed the wheel much at all either, only a few times and its still relatively new. just kind of shocked how bad it went so quickly. I'm hoping they do replace it. imagine trying to sell it in the future when it looks like this.

  • I'm having a DD2 and no issues with the coating, never heard it at friends of mine also who have a Fanatec DD.

    I think you are just unlucky and i'm quite sure they are going to send out a replacement. Customer support is kinda slow sometimes but they (as i experienced in the past) are always willing to help out and look for a proper solution to fix a problem.

  • yeh i think i should get a new one, the customer service has always been good for me. thanks for the input mate.

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