Differences in FFB on CSW 2.5


I use Shadow Cloud PC, and when I am using the Shadow PC, I get a pretty nice FFB experience in Assetto Corsa Comp and iracing. I have had connection issues when using the Shadow machine, so I have tested, and ACC runs nicely on my local machine (which is quite old, and doesn't run iracing well, hence the cloud PC) the problem is, on my local machine the FFB feels awful, the kerbs feel nice and very rumbly, but the actual weight of the wheel feels a little spongy as compared to running ACC on my Shadow PC. I am running exactly the same firmware on both and run Fanalab on both, so I can't work out why there's a difference in feeling.

Also, if there was going to be 1 which felt worse, I would have assumed it would be the Cloud machine, as obviously there is added latency there. I would like to find out if there anything anyone can think of that I haven't to help me solve the issue on my local machine as I really don't know what to do about it.



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