Ordered Mclaren GT3 V2 Rim Thursday 11th Feb when "Available" now "Pre Order"

Hey all,

Wondering if anyone is in a similar situation. I ordered a Mclaren GT3 V2 Rim last Thursday when it was marked as "available" and now its "pre order" until the 8th march. Having emailed Fanatec they told me it is a "pre sale" product and wont be shipped until the steering wheel is released on 8th march. My order is marked as "processed". Surely my order should have been fulfilled if it says "processed" and I ordered it when it was in stock? I live in the UK so not looking forward to UPS brexit issues... need help


  • Brexit should not cause you massive issues. UPS will send you an email telling you what you owe them, you pay those fees and UPS £11 or so for admin and they deliver so it only delays your product by about 4 days when it's physically in the UK.

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