DD1 wheel not working in ACC

When i load into a track the wheel options menu on the right of the screen comes up and it just automatically scrolls through those options. Any inputs i press aren't recognised.



  • Hey Matthew,

    have you updated the firmware of the whole set (rim, base, pedals)?

    i got the F1 Podium for 3 weeks now and it’s working fine (on PS5).

  • HI. I'm truly stuck and confused on what to do. I have a DD1 with the McLaren wheel V2. I'm trying to play ACC and when I go to controls, it shows my assign controls for my wheel. But nothing works, no inputs on my wheel nor my pedals are registering. I tried re-downloading all drives. Unplugging the base from the PC. And also tried switching out of PC mode and then back into PC mode and still nothing. Please help.

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