Cannot get reply from technical support

Upgraded to a complete Elite system and bought the L/C brake pedal mod.

One day recently turned everything on as normal and had no brake or throttle. Carried out everything and every test/flash etc and still not working.

Fitted the standard pedal and control box and everything works, reassembled the L/C pedal and its not working.

Reflashed L/C and on the computer it showed it was working, worked for less than a minute came out of GT Sport went back in and pedals not working.

Now using standard pedals which has annoyed me as the races its taken me to get used to the standard pedals I have lost points in a championship series.

What annoys me more is I have a support number and been on Twitter and any other method of communication and had no response for a week now.

I like the Fanatec system but now really regretting buying it as it worries me the lack of support which I could understand if it was some tin pot company but saddened ar buying Fanatec and being ignored.

Can somebody help please.....thank you


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