Which one would you recommend

Hello everyone,

I currently have a CLS Elite PS4 with a Formula v2 and I am looking for a new wheel.

I would like one mostly for GT Sport, just to have some fun on the track, drifting around.

The idea is to really use the 1080 degrees and to have fun on the track !

I also have a Next Level Racing GT Lite, if it can help on your advice.

Right now I am hesitating between the 918 RSR or the WRC, but I like the Quick Release system better

Many thanks.


  • I have WRC and I love it. I also have the F1 Esports wheel. I play multiple mages like you, F1, AC, Dirt Rally 2.0, GT Sport, PC2, so I needed a round wheel as well. I will eventually get another, wheel but I’m really not sure which one. The Simplified Quick Release that is on the WRC wheel is robust and I doubt I will be changing it to the metal quick release. It is also really easy to mount the wheel and tighten. I really like the alcantara on the wheel, and the face buttons have so far been adequate for the driving that I do with the round wheel. I also have the shifter, and when I decide to use that the paddles on the wheel are not in my way so I just leave them on the wheel. Although you can remove them if you wanted to. The 918 RSR wheel can remove the shifters as well. Last but not least, for me, the fact that the WRC wheel is about 1/2 the price of the 918 RSR wheel is icing on the cake.

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