Haven't received a payment confirmation in a week

In April last year I purchased a Fanatec wheel + base and am super satisfied with it, although the shipping took some nerve wracking weeks. So I decided to once again order a fanatec wheel and remembered that last time I had to open a discussion on the forum to get heard on the problems with my order.

I don't have problems with waiting for something and I'd consider myself a patient person. However not knowing anything about the order at all is what freaks me out and that's exactly what keeps happening. This time I haven't received a payment confirmation yet even a week after payment. So I don't even know wether my order is even being processed right now. @Domenic Brennan helped me out quickly last time so I'm confident that a short message will once again clear up the fog around the order which went live under the number 1231224.

Thanks a lot in advance, Cheers!


  • Whats the status of your order when you look in your webshop account?

    Its actually normal that you dont get a payment confirmation, you only get a order confirmation mail but not a payment confirmation mail when you decide to order via bank transfer.

  • Hey Maurice, thanks for the quick heads up on the payment confirmation. I thought I'd receive something like that since nothing on the order has changed from day 1. I'm well aware that the McLaren Wheel is only avaible on the 8th of March again, hence the status of the order in the webshop says "in Bearbeitung" as in "is being processed".

    I was hoping the customer would get a little hint on how far the procession has come so far as in "money has been received" or anything that gives the customer something worth the wait. Anyways, looking forward to receiving the packaged masterpiece!

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