I have been loosing my mind trying to make payment for a item that is saying it is in stock, I am in Vancouver CANADA trying to purchase from the fanatec website. I tried with master card initially the card was blocked from Master Card, I got them on the phone and did the purchase while they waited with block removed and it would not work still and they said it is on the merchants side. THEN i tried with another VISA that I am sure can make large online purchases as i have recently. SAME ERROR. I then went and tried to make another fanatec account as i thought maybe mine was blocked for too many attempts maybe, still no luck. Perhaps my IP or billing address is blocked? im not sure, FANATEC PLEASE TAKE MY MONEY! and send me my product that is in stock! Get me through this covid time! hope to hear back from someone! thanks.


  • Hi Paul,

    Have you tried making the payment via Paypal? I had the same issue with TD and it worked with Paypal. It is a known issue being worked on.

  • i have tried with paypal but not with td it was with a capital one master card. i will try the td/paypal combo now lol. must exhaust all options until i hear from someone.

  • great, try to call fanatic in the hours they said they take calls, i get voicemail and a full mailbox,

    then i try to call endor llc same thing.

  • Hi Paul,

    I can see the message you sent to the sales team today on the system. We are receiving a huge number of enquiries, so it will take some time before the sales team can help you. Unfortunately there is no further assistance that we can offer via this forum.

    [Fanatec Community Manager]

  • Hi paul! any solution so far? Having the same problem...

  • they said that they have now put me on a "trust list" and that it should be able to order now, I am going to try again in a week or so. waiting on some $$ now unfortunately, you can close forum tho, fanatec support has helped me ! thanks !!!

  • How did you make Fanatec to help you? I havnt been able to

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