My csl elite ps4 has all updated firmware and installed properly. It works fine on my playstation4, but only works on Iracing simulator in Pc mode. All my other sim games are on my steam account in which my Thrustmaster t300rs worked fine. I haven't had this csl elite wheel base and Lc pedals long and I'm just now realizing that steam account games aren't working with wheel. On American Truck Sim it detects wheel,pedals and shifter but when I try to calibrate the pedals works and D pad on wheel and thats it. I'v done all the big picture setting in steam account and all that stuff and switching pc and ps4 mode and so on. DOES ANYONE HAVE ANY IDEALS ON HOW TO FIX PROBLEM? is there something in the Fanatec file that my turned off or incorrect? Need your help plz,Ty.


  • Which sim games are you talking about? ACC? Dirt Rally 2.0?

    If it works in iRacing, it means the hardware and their connection to your PC is fine. It's just your PC that's giving problems now.

  • Mine worked last night OK with Project Cars 2 (has current drivers).

    Make sure that you don't have anything else connected to the PC that Steam might see a controller. I had problem once with a keyboard with media joystick and trackpad

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