Woolly Force Feedback after firmware update (CSW2.5)

I recently bought the podium shifters. I followed the advice to update the CSW to the latest firmware which went smoothly. I probably haven't updated the firmware in a couple of years.

There was a message during the process about a new default FF mode but it seemed to relate only to the DD wheel bases so I didn't take too much notice.

Now, the force feedback feels totally different, like it's been muffled or damped. I'm in a skip barber in iRacing which I am used to feeling almost like a go cart and now it feels like a saloon.

What do I need to change and how do I do it?


  • When doing a firmware update the Tuning Menu Resets to it's default values.

    Make sure you use the same settings as you used previously and it should feel the same.

  • OK, thanks Maurice.

    I've never actually heard of the tuning menu and have had to google it. I bought the wheel base second hand I think so it's possible the former owner changed it.

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