Calling all Fanatec Xbox users: VIDEO PROOF that additional wheel inputs can be achieved!!!

Additional wheel inputs are possible on Xbox One - please see the linked post: VIDEO PROOF of Logitech G923 inputs and rev lights working.


  • I'm curious if this was/is a SDK implemented by Kunos/d3t or embedded in the firmware drivers by Logitech. Either way you're right and clearly possible and needs to be implemented yesterday! It's rather annoying and embarrassing to have a $1700 kit that has less functionality than a $500 one.

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    Absolutely mad isn’t it? The build side of the products is excellent, it’s just a shame such a fundamental part of the functionality isn’t supported. Surely if they have the funds to develop a new BMW wheel, they could sort this issue out once and for all.

    What’s Kunos/d3t? Is that the ACC game developer?

    I must admit, I don’t know about low-level technicalities of this SDK business, but do understand the concept at a high level. To me, I equate this process to the context of PC: who Dev’s the drivers to get the hardware working? Answer: the peripheral manufacturer. I don’t see why it wouldn’t work differently on console - appreciate there would be some kind of approval from MS required, but I’d still expect the wheel manufacturer to Dev the software to enable all the features. Would be great if someone in the know could outline the process for us.

    In this case, I’d expect the SDK to be imbedded in the firmware - the screenshots in the my linked post indicate it Logitech who create the SDK which was then used by ACC game devs. This would also explain why all the extra buttons, rev lights and trueforce worked on ACC, but only the rev lights and trueforce (and not additional buttons) worked on GRID. Obv Logitech aren’t going to tell us the solution, but as you alude to: the main thing is can be done on Fanatec gear!

  • AND CRICKETS.................

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