PBME hangs up

The PBME simply gets stuck while driving. Then I cannot use buttons or make other entries. The shifters and everything else continue to work without any problems.

I've tried a few things in the meantime. All drivers including the latest, firmware upgrade and downgrade. The following versions are currently installed.

PC Driver 381

Wheel Base Firmware 684

Wheel Base Motor Firmware 40

Steering Wheel Firmware 15

Podium Hub Firmware 4

Wireless Quick Release Firmware 6

Sometimes the message "Attention, High Torgue" appears while driving!

The problem is not permanent. It appears every few hours in every imaginable racing simulation.

The only thing that helps is to restart the DD1 or remove the wheel from the base and put it back on.

But it can't go on like this, any idea? Is something broken? Send in?

Greetings Florian


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