csl elite f1 esport left stick not functioning right

edited February 27 in Steering Wheels

so I unplugged my csl elite from my computer after powering everything down. I moved my computer desk around and plugged everything back up and when I did all my settings were messed up and my left analog stick only shows left and down as working on the Fanatec wheel properties program. I had the left stick bound as a clutch in Assetto Corsa but it no longer allows me to bind it in content manager. I have completely uninstalled the drivers and reinstalled them. The strangest thing is that if I bind it as a mouse in the Fanatec software, it works as expected. I have also hooked into a different USB port with no luck. Any idea what has happened?


  • so evidently there are a couple of USB plugs on my motherboard that does not like the wheel. Plugged it in to a couple of different ones and now it works as it should.

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