My wheel rotation is very off on CSL elite even after recalibration

I'm on newest firmware btw. Also tried older ones with no luck.

Shouldn't the position be 180 on the attached pic? The weird thing is it correctly shows when at 0 and 900 degrees but anywhere from 100-800 seems off

In all games the wheel behaves weird with the rotational degrees and is never 1:1

I'm beginning to think my wheelbase is malfunctioning


  • It's Fanatec that are malfunctioning, not you. They broke the rotation with the driver released at the beginning of the year and haven't got around to fixing their mistake yet - I presume it is still somewhere on their ever growing to do list.

    You'll need to install v381 or earlier -

  • Thx for the comment but how do i downgrade the firmware?

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    I'm seriously going crazy fuck fanatec i'm selling off everything got nothing but issues and no help can be found

    Downgrading makes my CSL hub unuable and with newest drivers the rotation is fucked.

    I've never been so angry in my entire life over stuff like this... Why would they even release broken drivers like this

  • I'm having the same problem after upgrading to driver 402...

    CSL Elite 1.1 with P1 wheel.

    Only fix was to downgrade driver to 381 (by uninstalling 402 and reinstalling 381) AND reflashing the "old" firmware from 381 to the wheelbase.

    Is this not happening for everyone or are most people just not noticing it? Quite a major bug i'd say, hope it get's fixed soon!

  • CSL Elite + PS4 with P1 wheel v402, WB 682, Motor v22.

    same for me 1048 instead of 1080 (524 each way)

    Just really noticed this today.

    I normally drive with my in-game wheel off but trying RaceRoom I noticed something was "off" so I turned my wheels on all games and noticed that all off them were the same. ACC, AC, AMS2

    It also explains why the calibration on Automobilista2 was giving me unexpected results.

    Rolled back to 381 and have 1080 again.

    Glad this post exists else it would have driven me crazy.

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