RJ12 vs USB Pedal Connection

I just upgraded to a Fanatec club sport wheel. I've had their petals for a couple of years.

I lost the RJ 11 (or 12) cable to connect direct to the wheel.

Any reason why I can't run both USB?

It seems to be working fine. Am I losing any features with the pedals this way?


  • Which Pedals?

  • ClubSport Pedals V3

    I bought them in July 2017.

    They don’t have the vibration motors. (Round thing on top)

  • Also, can I add vibration motors....easily?

    I read that they are not very strong and not worth it.


  • Bump. Is there a difference between using V3 pedals connected to DD1 or direct via USB?

    I can see that SimHub can add effects via a USB connection, but are there any other considerations??

    And pedal motors are pretty effective. Certainly readily feel ABS and rear wheel spin and judder.

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