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Just recieved my first ever FANATEC order, well at least a third of it. Still waiting on wheel and pedals but only have one tracking number. I know FANATEC is legit but still getting a little nervous. Ordered from Canada as well so that's not helping my confidence. Heard their customer support sucks so hoping to get some reassurance here. Thanks!


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    I just put in an order that has 6 pieces for a grand total of 1600. Only after I put my order in did I start looking into how long it takes for Fanatec to get the product out to the seller. From what I've read its a crapshoot. I buy and sell a bunch of random junk on the interwebs so I've had to deal with these crappy shipping times but to be waiting over 1 week for a product to be picked then received by the shipping company is preposterous. I put my order in on Saturday 03/13. My account says "The order has been processed." and about an hour ago today 03/15, I got an email with Fedex tracking numbers that say the shipping labels have been created. Will I be one of the very few lucky ones who will get their product on time? Couldn't tell you. I've read that just cause you receive an email from Fanatec with created shipping labels doesn't mean anything so in you're case not having a tracking number probably doesn't make much of difference. If they don't respond back to you within the industry standard of a couple days just dispute the charges with your credit card company. Had I known prior to putting in my $1600.00 order that Fanatec has very very very poor customer support, I would've gone with a different company. What I ordered is a gift that I need by next Wednesday so if it's not shipped out by this Friday I'm disputing the charges with my card company (won't even bother contacting Fanatec for a refund since, again, from what I've read from other customers, all Fanatec does is giving you a run around.

    Fanatec is using the Covid-19 excuse to essentially sit on their asses and take it easy. Or they're purposely marking items on their website that aren't in stock as "in stock" so people will buy them then just sit on the money in the meantime until the item actually does come back into stock. People are less likely to buy a preorder/backordered product knowing it may takes weeks to receive so Fanatecs way of circumventing that might be just to advertise it as "in stock" and after that..well.. good luck.

    Literally nobody else is having delays this bad getting products out to customers. Peak Covid-19 the worse shipping delay I experienced was maybe 8-9 days on a package that I had paid for USPS 3 day select going from Cali to NY. Not to mention the shipper had zero delay on actually pulling the product and getting it sent out the door.

    Not trying to make you even more nervous or discourage you but know you're not the only one dealing with this sort of issue.

    Like I said, I regret giving a company my money that just craps on their customer base with probably the worse customer service I've ever read about. They may make a decent product but wtf is the point if you have to wait god knows how long to get it in the mail?

  • Nice first post.

    Keep in mind that companies that are big with a lot of orders per day, shipping companies (fedex, dhl, ups etc) they dont come individually for each package or order. They get the shipping labels and when they have enough to collect they go and collect in bulk.

    So yes. It is not fanatec's fault but how the shipping industry works.

    More over keep in mind the shitshow FedEx and UPS have created in USA (I take a wild guess that is where you have ordered from) and makes the problem even bigger.

    Either patiently wait for your stuff or simply cancel your order (or refuse delivery) and get your money back.

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    The fact that FedEx, UPS, DHL were caught with their pants down with this whole Covid -19 thing is a poor excuse for companies who's SOLE purpose and job is to sling packages from one place to another. I worked for FedEx as a driver for 2 1/2 years, I am fully aware of the grind of normal 10-12 hour days and 200+ stops in a day. It's not easy, however you know what you are signing up for.

    As far as Fanatec's part. I just order on 3/17 a CSW 2.5 and the Formula V2 rim and stickers. I paid for Overnight Shipping. I just got a email saying the warehouse is currently preparing my shipment. I will be totally honest, if I don't receive my tracking number sometime today, I will NOT be happy. I spent $90.44 on shipping alone.

    Because I spent so much on shipping I DO Expect my order to be put on or looked at like a rush order and to go in-front and ahead of those who simply paid for ground shipping. Not many people pay for overnight shipping, so jumping ahead in line is only logical. That is the entire reason to pay for such shipping. If Fanatec does not handle my order that way, they need to change the way they process orders.

    The same goes for FedEx. I understand there is a cut off point as far as time of day goes for getting overnight deliveries. However, again I expect my stuff by tomorrow.

    Lastly, Covid-19 has been a year since the outbreak, It is just a lazy excuse on FedEx, UPS and others part to say it affects them now. If after 12 months they have not evolved enough to handle the volume then they should go out of business, but they won't. I can't begin to tell you all have BIG BIG money the shipping industry is. It is out of this world.

    Forgot to mention, in the email it says there is nothing that can be done to change the order. That is fine by me, but I want my stuff before the weekend, or no matter how much I like the product I may not recommend it to people. Buying from a company goes beyond just the product. Especially if you are asking a premium for a product.

  • I am pleased to update that i got the FedEx tracking numbers and that my package has been picked up and will be here tomorrow. Fanatec has done their part to get my order out the door in 24hrs, now FedEx better do their part.

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    For people looking like I was all day yesterday they are better than everything I was reading or I was just lucky. I placed my order yesterday 24Mar2021 at 05:30 am est and it shipped same day. I paid for overnight and it is now out for delivery by fedex on 25Mar2021. Hopefully everyone else’s orders go the same way. I am currently in Maine so also on the other side of the country. (US customer)

  • I ordered a PlayStation csl f1 bundle with loadcell pedals and a wrc wheel. I ordered at 2:08 pm EST. I’m in Georgia. I paid for overnight shipping. So over $1000. I still haven’t gotten tracking numbers or anything. It’s 10:38 pm now. Other than the confirmation that they received my order. I’m really hope I don’t get screwed with waiting for shipping but unfortunately it seems like I will. I’ve heard nothing but great things about fanatec, it would suck if my first experience with the company was a bad one.

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